Featured and New Products

500MT Talurit Swager

Spring Sale! Talurit is currently offering a fantastic spring sale on the most popular compact Swager! View Item

AV 28S - In Stock!

AV 28S

AV 28S Annealing machines heat wire rope with an electrical current that enables the rope to be twisted and separated. The result is a round end that does not splay and can be easily inserted into fittings. View Item

Hydraulic Fluid Oil Transfer System (OTS)

NSN 4910-01-592-8070

The Chant Engineering Model 10199 Hydraulic Fluid Oil Transfer System (OTS) is designed to fill and drain (pressurize and depressurize) the hydraulic recoil mechanism on the Army's M777A1 and A2 Howitzer weapons. View Item

Manual Flushing Valves


The Chant Engineering SF25 Flushing Valve can be installed in place of the servovalve to test and troubleshoot the hydraulic system. View Item

TKH Ferrules


TKH aluminum ferrules are the most commonly used ferrules on the market today. View Item

Gantry Style Reeling Machines

Chant Engineering's new Gantry Style Reeling Machines are available in sizes from GS5 (5,000 lb.) up to the GS60 (60,000 lb.) any of the models may be customized to be taller and/or wider – and we have a full array of accessories available. View Item

150T Swager - In Stock!

The 150-ton Swager has a single pillar open throat design and can be used either vertically or horizontally, bench mounted or free standing. View Item

Solid DIN 3091 Thimbles

DIN 3091

Solid DIN 3091 Thimble, painted black available in sizes 8 to 72. View Item

ESP - end stop - for rotation resistant wire rope (pad eye)

These end stops are designed for full proof applications of rotation resistant wire rope of grade 1960. Equipped with a pad eye they are easy to mount in a crane. View Item