Test Beds

Chant Engineering is the largest Test Bed manufacturer in the world. Also known in the industry as Prooftest Machines, Chant Test Beds are used to tension test or proof test, wire rope, fiber rope, chain, lifting slings and other types of lifting gear. These machines are extremely heavy-duty and have proven themselves in years of rugged, real world industrial and military rigging environments.

All Chant machines will perform proof load testing, destructive (break) testing, cyclic testing and long term fatigue testing (depending on options). Each machine is designed for maximum operator safety. Chant Prooftest Machines are enclosed on the sides and ends with fully opening, hydraulically actuated, operator safety guards. The loading force of the Chant Prooftest machines is provided by hydraulic cylinders, one cylinder is for the main (high) loading force and a smaller one (optional) for the low loading force. Each pulling cylinder has its own heavy-duty electronic load cell for highly accurate (+/- 1%) independent display of the loading force. Each load cell is calibrated by Chant Engineering to the ASTM-E4 calibration standard and is fully traceable back to the US Government NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Chant Engineering's DataTEST™ testing software allows the operator to record and print out a test certificate for each test performed on the machine. This software is fully compatible with both N4 systems and Infochip Inc., the industry accepted RFID tagging system companies.

Chant DataTEST™ testing software is available in many different languages and any unit of measure can be displayed to suit your application.

Chant Engineering’s testing equipment meets or exceeds all AWRF safe practices and guidelines.