Test Beds: Pre-Stretch Beds

Chant Engineering Pre-stretch Beds are used by wire rope manufacturers and fabricators to pre-stretch wire rope before shipment to customers. Pre-stretching seats the individual wires in the rope under load, to minimize further stretching of the final product.

Chant Engineering Pre-stretch Beds utilize two hydraulically controlled Chant Wire Rope Grips. One grip is fixed (does not move). The other grip is mounted on the framework, which is then moved by hydraulic cylinders. This movement of cylinders is the pulling force used to stretch the specimen. The grips can be placed any distance apart, typically hundreds of feet. The movement of the grip is measured for elongation, and the stretching force is measured using Chant's precision load cells. The Wire Rope Grips eliminate the need for additional, mechanical termination, on the length of wire rope.

In use, the operator opens the fixed end grip, lays in the rope and closes the grip. At the other (live) end of the machine, the operator does the same thing. From the touch screen control, the operator selects the loading force and the desired hold time. The machine will automatically go to the set load and hold it for the prescribed time. There is complete data acquisition, whereby each stretch is stored in the computer. This data can be reviewed at any time and the results can be printed on a certificate.

There are many different styles of Chant Pre-stretch Beds available to suit your specific requirements. Each machine is custom made to order, with any capacity, width, height or length, available.

For further information regarding our Pre-Stretch Test Beds, please contact one of our sales professionals at sales@chantengineering.com or 215-230-4261.

Chant Engineering’s testing equipment meets or exceeds all AWRF safe practices and guidelines.