Test Bed Upgrades

Chant Engineering can upgrade your existing old Test Beds to meet today's ASTM-E4 accuracy testing standards. Typically, old machines are reading hydraulic pressure and converting this to pounds of force. This method cannot take into account the internal friction of the hydraulic cylinder seals and thus can be extremely inaccurate.If your machine is in good working order, Chant Engineering can provide a complete load cell, digital indicator and software package to bring your machine up to date.

We can upgrade your whole machine or just supply you with new components that you can install yourself. Replacement hydraulic systems, cylinders, load cells and digital meters, and software are all available.

Chant Engineering will also take your old machine as a trade-in, thus reducing your out of pocket expense. We offer long-term calibration programs that include free or low cost Prooftest machine upgrades.

The photos on this page are of a typical Prooftest Machine Upgrade.

Chant Engineering’s testing equipment meets or exceeds all AWRF safe practices and guidelines.