C-17-C130 Airdrop Roller Load Test Machine and Facility Upgrade

The Chant Engineering Model 9190, C-17-C130 Airdrop Roller Load Test Machine was a complete upgrade and modernization of an existing 30-year-old C-141 Roller Load Test Machine and facility. Chant Engineering was the prime contractor.

We removed the C-141 capability and replaced it with the ability to test C-17 and C-130 Aircraft configurations.

We increased the physical length of the test bed to 32 ft., upgrade the hydraulic pull test capability, added in airdrop testing capability for different configurations of both new aircraft, designed and installed modern computerized roller instrumentation, added 2 ea. 60,000 lb. capacity gantry hoists added a new soundproof operator control room and designed and installed a new Chant Engineering software (National Instruments Co. LabView based) operator control system and data acquisition package.

Chant personnel demolished the existing equipment and installed all of the upgrades on-site in Natick, MA. As with all our large turn key projects, Chant provided preliminary and final design reviews, project management documentation, site prep documentation, acceptance testing plan, training plan, calibration plan, maintenance plan and training, etc.