Testing Machines

Chant CTS-11K - Compression Testing Machine Chant CTS-50K - Compression Testing Machine The Chant Model 8915-LMI Large Missile Impacter and 8915-SMI Small Missile Impacter Chant Model 9600 Hydrostatic Test Station Chant Model 9121 Top Lift Test System Chant Model 8277 Tire Testing Machine Chant Model 9100-100K Torque Testing Machine Chant Model 8760 Transportation Simulator Chant Model 828901 5 Million lb Capacity Tri-axial Large Structure Testing Machine
Chant Engineering designs, manufactures, and installs complete turnkey Testing Machines and systems for Military, Aerospace and Industrial customers. We manufacture both standard and custom machines. A typical project starts with a component to be tested, as well as the required testing standard or procedure.

Chant Engineering in-house team of engineers will take this information and provide a no cost, detailed proposal for you. We know how critical testing and quality of your components are to your business. It is our mission to provide you with the best Testing Machines at the most competitive prices possible.

For extremely large projects, Chant Engineering's offers a reduced cost preliminary engineering review and estimate that allows you the customer, to get a detailed project plan with cost estimates and realistic schedules. This approach can identify testing equipment configurations upfront, reduce project time and often reduce overall project costs. Many worldwide leading manufacturing companies, aerospace companies and Military repair depots rely on Chant Engineering Testing Machines for everyday production.

If one of our standard Testing Machines will not suit your needs, we can customize our equipment for specific project applications.