Test Stands: Fatigue Cycle and Static Shaft

The Chant Engineering Model 836801 Test Stand is used to dynamically and static test power take off shafts for Aerospace and Military customers. One test dynamically fatigues the shaft and one test is for the static torque. The fatigue test stand rotates the two shafts simultaneously at 25,000 rpm for approximately 24 hours per test.

The high-speed rotating portion of the test stand is located in a protected test cell while the operators control station is located outside, for operator safety. After testing, the shaft is examined for cracking or damage.

The static test stand is used to tortionally test the shaft. In use, the operator mounts the shaft to the test stand sets the amount of torque and the pneumatic actuator rotates one end of the shaft while the other end is fixed. The torque is measured via an electronic torque cell and displayed on the digital readout.