Test Stands: Helicopter Cargo Hook

The Chant Engineering 949001 Helicopter Cargo Hook Test Stand is a semi-automated machine designed to perform tension testing and electrical operation of helicopter cargo hooks in a production-based Military depot environment.

The Model 949001 is hydraulically controlled with a maximum loading force of 75,000 lbs.

In use the operator loads in the hook to be tested, using the integral hook hoist, connects the electrical line to the hook, selects the hook number from the menu on the computer and runs the test. For the manual operations required, the computer will prompt the operator in a step-by-step fashion through the test procedure.

The data acquisition system records all the testing parameters and allows the operator to print out a testing certificate for each test. In the event of a failure of any part of the test procedure the computer will display a failed signal and instructions for the operator. All Chant equipment is fully compliant with all OSHA regulations for operator safety.

Chant Model 949001 Helicopter Cargo Hook

Test Stand Specifications:

  • Max Load 75,000 lbs
  • Min Load 30 lbs
  • Static Loading
  • Increasing Load
  • Decreasing Load
  • Dead Weight Testing
  • Manual and Auto Release