Wire Rope Fittings: T-LOC™ Kit

T-LOC is a reinforced aluminum termination. T-LOC prevents the splitting force of a high tensile wire rope of grade 2160. T-LOC is swaged together with the aluminum ferrule.

T-LOC is designed for rotation resistant wire rope of grade 2160 together with T ferrules,especially in combination with solid thimble eyes. Swaged together with the T-ferrule, T-LOC does not require an extra operation.

There is no surplus material after swaging and the unit T-LOC & T ferrule are joined without a gap. When using high tensile wire rope of grade 2160, T-LOC will secure the sling eye and prevent the aluminum ferrule from splitting apart.

T-LOC is produced from carbon steel & has better tensile strength than aluminum.

For additional specifications, sizes and application, please click on the document link below.

Technical Link: T-LOC Data Sheet.pdf